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Explore the great outdoors with Ledge Sports camping goods! Each tent, bag, and backpack are made from the highest quality and prepare you for your upcoming grand adventure. Stay warm and dry with Ledge Sports sleeping bags. Keep hydrated with Ledge’s special hydration packs. You’ll always have room for both emergency and essential items when you bring along a roomy and comfortable hiking bag. Set off with confidence and assurance that you’re set for your next adventurous camping trip!













Recluse-3-person-Ultra-Light-Aluminum-Backpack-Tent-37902ba7-b56b-437e-b542-f4823ef5dbe0_10001                        Tarantula Tent1 Green                              Sitka0_02L copy

The Recluse                                                                                                             Taratula                                                                                             Sitka