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Froghair's headquarters are based in Utah, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. It is here that we specialize in providing meaningful and motivating corporate awards and gifts for convention events, executive retreats, sales banquets, and corporate awards. 
Froghair's team is standing by to assist you in finding that perfect gift to inspire, motivate, and incentivize your team and organization. 


Companies that provide high-demand and high-value products as motivators and rewards find that these luxury items bring exemplary performances from employees. When appropriately planned and delivered - awards, gifts, and travel often trump more traditional forms of motivation and incentives such as cash, lapel pins, turkeys, bonuses, etc. 


Founders Richard Christiansen and Curtis Blair left cozy corporate jobs to follow their dream of motivating individuals, teams, and organizations to reach lofty goals and dreams. They firmly believe that ream goals and organizational achievements, when reached as a team, should be celebrated as a team. 


Froghair (named for the golfing term of the fringe around the green), works alongside some of the world's most popular and sought-after companies to supply luxury products for our corporate partners and clientele. These types of brands range from luggage, high-end accessories, luxurious watches, handbags, clothing, recreational sporting goods, outdoor gear, and golf equipment. 


Representing more than 150 well-known American and European brand-name products, Froghair is in a strategic position to efficiently fulfill our clients' orders and provide our clients and their employees with high-end luxury gifts and awards. 


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